Friday, November 12, 2021

Having a baby? What to include in your hospital bag?


     Are you preparing for your upcoming hospital delivery? How exciting! And Congrats on the new addition to your family. I am the bag lady; I love a good tote or travel bag that is prepared for all I will need. Bring items that make you feel comfortable or at home if you need such as your favorite robe, pillow, fuzzy socks, headphones, extra camera, makeup, lip balm, a phone charger, gum or magazines.

    When I had a baby; I brought a lot of things and hardly used any of it. I was far too excited and anxious...I did make sure I have makeup on; so I did not scare the baby upon his arrival. Just kidding. That stuff does not matter; but I wanted to look more awake since I would have the photos forever. Plus; I love cosmetics and doing my makeup before I went to the hospital calmed me down. My nerves were through the roof!

   My labor and delivery went amazing and smoothly; not sure why I was so worried. I had heard so many scary stories but I had no issues and I stressed myself out for no reason instead of relaxing and enjoying the once in a lifetime experience. Every birth is so unique and incredible. A new life is born; that is freaking phenomenal. 

   Keep in mind; many hospitals already have the items moms panic about bringing. Perhaps at your final appointments; keep a list or ask nurses what items they already have on your list and check those off. I had my baby during a cold winter not too far from Canada...and holy moly! It is a pain carrying totes in the snow; you should probably find one luggage on wheels. Ask your spouse, partner or someone with you to help. Most nurses will find someone to help if you are a single or doing it all alone. You may even want to create a play list of music that keeps you calm and happy. 

I suggest having your hospital bag packed and in the car or by the door weeks ahead of your delivery date since those dates are not always correct. Some moms go into labor days before or after. Just knowing you have a bag ready-to-go can relieve some anxiety for you; so why not. 

You can do it! I hope this list helps!

Additional items and tasks to remember include: 

Toiletries such as your favorite shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.

Your hair dryer, blanket you like and a beach towel in case you do not like hospitals towels.

Shower shoes or flip-flops.

Hair ties, hair brush and/or headbands.

An outfit to bring your baby home in and for you to wear home.

The car seat already in the car and installed.

I hired a photographer to capture videos and special moments as I rested a lot during my hospital stay and would have missed quite a lot.

Items you enjoy snacking on. I was not a fan of hospital food. Also think about the meal you want to have delivered or brought to you after delivery. I chose catfish :) Hospitals will have their own dining rules but you usually get a meal from their cafeteria; this is a good talk for your nurse on meal options during your hospital stay. I packed items like granola bars.

Congrats mama! You got this!

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