Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Need a mom's get-a-way on a budget?

Do you need a Mother's Day re-do, "stay-cation" or just a break for a day? Great parents deserve just that too! In fact; I feel so much happier and like a much better parent when I get time alone or just to be with my closest friends for a few hours. 


I used to feel so guilty for not feeling like grocery shopping and using instacart. I would feel lazy when I was just exhausted from countless play dates and endless laundry to name a few. Now I make sure to take more time out for myself; and I make less time for mom guilt. We all get it from time to time parenting. Some moms are shamed for working too much while others get shamed for working too little. Moms need less stress and more joy these days! 

There is a really cool company that allows you to just rent day passes to luxury places such as hotels, cabanas, resorts, pools and spas. This is perfect for a moms day out or just to relax alone. These also make great suggestions for your spouse to spoil you with on special occasions or just because.

You can rent private pools HERE.

Want some spa and salon services brought to your doorstep?
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How you can rent pools on a budget for your children this Summer

    Do your children love swimming but you do not currently have a private pool at your home? Do you have a birthday party for your little one coming up and would love a pool to celebrate or surprise your children with? I got you covered. 

     You can rent out private swimming pools with this cool website/app

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Have extra storage space at your home? You could be getting paid for it!

Do you have extra storage, shed, parking or garage space? 

Now you can get paid for it! 

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