Monday, November 22, 2021

Affordable Makeup Bag Must-Haves

For makeup application with liquid foundations; I like using a Super Blender. It is a sponge I can blend my foundation in with. 

COULOURPOP has a liquid foundation I like using called Pretty Fresh. It has a blendable medium coverage. I find it for under twenty USD at my local beauty stores.

Another Affordable liquid foundation I love is by Revolution. I feel it has a light-weight finish and I love the price point. I find it under fifteen USD often at my local beauty stores.

The L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder is something I have been purchasing for quite awhile with no complaints. It is around ten USD so that is not bad for beauty products on a budget. 

Maybelline Great Lash mascara has been out a long time. I have been using it since my teens and usually can find it for under ten US dollars. I always have a couple in stock because they are so affordable and I think work very well. 

I have another awesome mascara suggestion for when you do not mind splurging on beauty buys...

Too Faced has a mascara called Better Than Sex. It is the best mascara I have found thus far. I like that it is waterproof; double win! This mascara is double the price of what I usually find drugstore mascaras for; but it is well worth it.

I love a good makeup case that is durable enough for travel. My favorite are Caboodles

I prefer the non-plastic ones; in fact I have used this silver one below for years. 

Use this code to get $20 to use towards a PRIV Service: 423b62. PRIV provides beauty & wellness professionals to you, on your time.

Beauty Plus Salon $10 Off

ELLE Names Ghost Democracy as Having

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Indoor Playgrounds we found in Oklahoma


Weather is getting colder so we will not be visiting outdoor public parks nearly as often for awhile. We did get a lot of time out to explore, hike and really make time of the warmer weather over the past few month, During the winter months I really enjoy those indoor playgrounds for my son to run around and play. I am not a fan of the cold weather and most of these indoor playgrounds allow me to bring in my laptop and get work done while my son plays with other children. 




Kidz Funtown

We Rock The Spectrum is not necessarily a play ground but has things for children to enjoy like a trampoline and toys. 


Playbox Indoor Playground


Jasmine Moran Children's Museum 

Oklahoma City

Science Museum

Blue Zoo has an upstairs play area complete with a climbing wall.

Jump!Zone is a bouncy house type facility but children still really enjoy it. There are also arcade games. 

WACKY PACK® KIDS MEALS at Sonic! Bring home big fun for your little people

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Ways you can work from home


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  Would you be interested in trying a remote or telecommuting work opportunity? Some people enjoy working from their home office; you may too! Finding legitimate work at home jobs can be quite challenging online since there are a lot of scams.

Unfortunately there are a lot of companies that look and seem legit...but are actually predatory scams I have even fallen for more than I would like to admit. It took me years to educate myself on red flags and stop falling for those sketchy pyramid schemes. You can learn more about how to avoid work at home scams from Feisty Talks, Not The Good Girl or CC Suarez. They are education and hilarious at times. 

You may want to invest in a noise-cancelling headset if you do any type of phone work. Some jobs I have seen in the customer service fields often require it. 

 The Mom Project is a nice option to check out when searching for remote work. Would you enjoy teaching English virtually? Apply for this work from home position

Recently I noticed Aspire had quite a few remote jobs to apply to in categories such as marketing, engineering, finance, sales and more. 

Uber Eats allows you the opportunity to make money with food deliveries

A common way people in my area earn extra cash is doing instacart. It is not a remote job but it is usually flexible for those who are stay at home parents or already work a full-time job. I have not tried it but I have ordered from them as a customer and loved the service. Working for them means you can earn tips as well. 

Apply for a work from home customer support position. Use referral code 4132422 to apply at Arise.

Nook Sleep

     I wanted to share some companies I have seen usually hiring remote workers. This list changes and updates and this blog and it's contributors are not responsible for if you are hired or can apply at this time. Not every opportunity is a good fit for everyone and do not expect to earn millions of dollars. These are more flexible and part-time jobs to help perhaps with your savings, car gas or paying smaller bills.

 Resumes Written For You

   Some people do earn a lot more money than just grocery money but that is few and far between. It is hard for people to maintain discipline working from home from what I have noticed. A lot of people do prefer working at an actual office and I can totally see why. 

There are many other options to working from home than joining those scammy home party plan businesses also.  A family member of mine works very part-time outside her home as a substitute teacher. It is not home based but it still is flexible since she can do the jobs when she has the time.

....I would fall for those types of companies for many years. I would get recruited to buy a kit then host parties or ask people to buy my overpriced jewelry, shakes and cosmetics. Nothing against people who do those; it just was not profitable for me; and I would rather not recruit others or sell for a company I will never really own. It was cheaper for me to just buy items wholesale or start my own boutique in the long run.

In no way am I saying people who work for multi-level marketing companies are bad people or scammers. I genuinely was trained by those who got me into the business that I was helping others by promoting these "home-based businesses." In all actuality we were just independent contractors selling for wealthy CEO's who would not care about us either way or the other.


Over time I would have made way more money just getting a nine to five job or something with an hourly pay. Some offer perks and benefits. I made extra money baby-sitting, housekeeping, affiliate marketing and re-selling fashion online in the past. They were all helpful to me as I am a mom and it gets so expensive doing a lot of activities with children sometimes. I am thankful for ways to generate income without having to pay insane daycare costs. 

Sure the money is not amazing from all work at home gigs I have done but it weighs out because I was able to work it around my schedule. I figured if I did another job outside the home; I would have to pay for childcare, gas and I would often buy work clothes, lunches and morning coffees. It adds up fast! 

Some other ideas to working from mostly home could be starting a photography business or obtaining an insurance license. Daycare owners or real estate agents can often choose their own hours as well. I know of two friends who make income as a nanny and charge around twenty (USD) bucks per hour. A podcaster I know boards dogs and pet sits. Love animals? Start your own pet-sitting or dog walking business. Regardless; I suggest finding something you enjoy a lot so you are actually enjoying what you do. 

Telecommute, remote or work at home are some things you should search for online if none of the companies below would be a good match for you. Not all companies are constantly hiring or accepting applicants but it is nice to have this list handy to share with others in need of additional income ideas. 

Have a swimming pool? You can apply to rent out your swimming pool. People love renting pools for parties, photo sessions and gatherings with their friends.

Do you have experience as well as a portfolio when it comes to photography? Consider applying with Flytographer.



Magic Ears 




Senior Care



Survey Sites

Inbox Dollars

Health Care

Dialog Direct



Casting Words 


Driving others 



Getaround allows others to use your car

Referral Programs


Customer  Support + Service 



















Lamps Plus 

Just Anwser

Blooms Today

Voice Nation

Cancer Center

Brilliant Earth 

Working Solutions

Sutherland Global

Apple At Home Advisors 

Meal Delivery Services



Live + Text Chat Support


Site Staff 

Renting + Leasing Space or Gear




Baby Quip 

Pet Sitting, Walking + Boarding Walk



Re-Selling Fashion, Accessories + Home Goods





Poshmark (use referral code: workathomemom)

Marketing, Data Entry, IT, Accounting and misc.





Reesby IT 


Blue Zebra


CallCenter QA

United Health Group

Join, Earn Cash!

Get Certified Remotely

Mobile-Based Business Opportunities - Wholesale

Accelerate your career as a professional life coach at IAP Career College! Register today and become a professional interior decorator from the comfort of your home at IAP Career College!

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Places to re-sell or trade your children + babies outgrown clothing


When it came to baby toys, gear, shoes and clothes...I had accumulated so much overtime! A lot of the clothes still had tags on them or were only worn once. It was always so much fun shopping for baby clothes and toys when I was pregnant. Usually you get a lot of gifts for the baby and they grow so fast not getting time to use or wear all the items.

Once my son outgrew shoes and clothes I would make extra money re-selling them. I did not like selling on those social media market places for safety reasons. It always ate into my profit meeting up with people. It was also a bit annoying if you got no-shows after driving to meet them.

Some items I gave to friends or donated but I wanted to try trading or re-selling them as well. There are places in my area such as Once Upon A Child stores that buy, sell and trade gently used or new children's item. I still use that store to this day; whether it is for buying or selling items.

Once Upon a Child is pretty picky with what they take so always check companies rules and policies beforehand. This will save you time, frustration and gas. My local Once Upon a Child does not take certain brands such as Wal-Mart Garanimals brand. 

Of course these companies will not take stained, damaged items or toys missing pieces. Once Upon a Child does take toys and books so that is a plus.

Other options to buying, selling and trading options are listed below. Each company operates and accepts different items. Several companies I notice only accept boutique style items or mall brands. Some are not as strict with their rules; you just have to find a company and program that works best for you. I do a mix of a few and the extra money can be helpful. 

In no way am I saying be prepared to earn thousands. I would think you could earn just a smaller amount or a decent trade value pending on the quality and number of items you get sold. Do not get frustrated if you cannot sell older brands; I have companies reject items of mine at times. Sometimes I overlook a flaw. 

When inspecting your items to re-sell; use good lighting and make sure they are free of fading, pet hairs, tears and stains. Some of the companies are only accepting seller accounts from certain areas for now; especially the newer stores. 

 Happy re-selling! 









My Little Outfit 

Shop Tomorrows

Children's Orchard

Poshmark Use referral code: workathomemom

Use referral code K6ULOM to start an account at The Swoondle Society

Rent out baby gear you are no longer using.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Ideas on keeping children entertained indoors

 Are you a stay at home or home school mom? Maybe you just need ideas on keeping your children entertained or off the electronics at home more. I would love to help! Look into Tinkergarten classes as they are a prefect way for children to learn, explore nature and get social interaction. Some locations offer virtual classes.

Make a fort fun Develop confidence in your kids as they realize they can make something amazing

Children learn a lot by playing. I also love how creative they can get with just simple items you may have around the home.

Simply follow the symbols! For the whole family.

Just to be on the safe side I always make sure my house always has sidewalk chalk, coloring books, homeschooling project, DIY kits, bubbles and bath toys. But that even gets old sometimes.

The Figgy

Consider starting a mom's group and host play dates at your own home. This can also help moms some money when they do not have to pay admission costs meeting up at zoos or play places.

Meet other moms for play dates!
When my son was a baby I did not know many friends in the state we lived at the time so I started a moms group and posted about it online. My apartment building had a club house so I would meet up with moms for play dates or coffee.

Check out these toys and ways to make staying in way more fun!


Pottery Painting Kit

I was always a big reader as a child. I would love when my grandma would read me books. Check out these personalized book options. These make for perfect gifts!

Surprise your kids with this wonderful personalized children's book from

You can turn photographs into coloring pages - Turn Your Photos Into Coloring Pages


Consider subscribing to children's subscription boxes; even adults love getting fun packages. Some can be very educational. Plus; they are always a nice surprise for children. I used to loved getting mail as a child. It made me feel special!

Hands-on educational activities for all ages, delivered to you every month!

Little Passports

Cooking together teaches your children life skills and is a wonderful way to bond.

Melissa & Doug toys were recommended to me when I was pregnant by another mom. I have been purchasing them ever since and think they are educational and adorable. 

Reading to explore the imagination...

The Play Gym by Lovevery

Make believe play...

Dressing up can be so much fun for small children. They can become their favorite super heroes or princesses. These make for adorable photographs for mom and dad to enjoy. I used to love dress-up clothes when I was a little girl. I would even have those plastic high-heels and a jewelry box on my bicycle. What can I say?  love fashion. :)


quiet book, activity book, giftset, personalizedgift, kids, baby

Foam and ball pits have therapeutic multi-sensory benefits that provide deep pressure sensation, tactile stimulation and relaxation.
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