Thursday, January 27, 2022

How I balance businesses + babies

   For the longest time I wondered how to actually get work done as a work at home mom. Seriously! As soon as I would sit down at my desk...I'd hear "mommy!" If the house was quiet for a second or as soon as I'd get on a phone call...the house was suddenly a circus. 

   I was baffled on how to have time for myself, make time for gymnastics and soccer classes...then build an online business. For years I would even do various gigs hoping I'd find the perfect opportunity eventually if I keep being consistent in hobbies I enjoyed or researching various businesses ideas. Then I'd feel guilty being on my phone so much...or investing in businesses I did not give my all too.

   To work outside the home would mean paying daycare costs and I really did not want to put my little one in daycare daily...although the break would be nice I thought at times. There is nothing wrong with a parent not wanting to be a work at home parent. Each family should do what works best for them. Besides; we need doctors, teachers, bank tellers, accountants and lawyers. There are plenty of people who love their jobs outside the home.

   I do not agree with anyone bashing a parent for not being a stay at home mom or dad. That is not for everyone but I had wanted to be a stay at home mom since I was a little girl. I had business ideas and career goals galore but deep down I dreamed of having children and being able to stay home with them while they are little at least.

   Making this "work at home mom thing" run easily was harder than I thought. I did have support and help galore but I also felt like a burden or mom guilt when I would accept the help. I noticed I'd only want to sleep when I was home alone when I had a sitter. Then I felt lazy; as if I was not doing enough to provide for my family. 

   Now; I am here to help you out. First; stop caring about what others think. Focus on your happiness and you will hopefully become a happier parent overall. When you wake up; stretch if you cannot fit in a work out. I have learned to adjust my sleep schedule where I get up hours before anyone in my household so I get alone time to even get computer work done or just quiet time.

   Working at home can require a lot of self-discipline which I struggled with. It is so much easier to take a quick nap when your children go down for a nap instead of working on your business if you are self-employed for example. Maybe turn on a motivational video each morning or listen to positive affirmations to get some motivation. 

   This is the step that took me years of hearing before I finally began doing it on a daily basis. I would always hear personal development was so crucial yet I felt too busy to actually do it. Take care of yourself first both mentally and physically. Drink a glass of water when you wake up or try meditation daily to relieve stress. 

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   Are you eating healthy to even feel energized? Many people do not work out much and wonder why they are so tired. They blame it on having toddlers but I wanted to feel more present. I cut out a lot of things I was not using moderately. This included sugar and me...I was cranky for weeks but well worth it in the long-run. 
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   Plus; you are setting a good example for your children if they notice you eating healthy, exercising and taking care of yourself. I am not saying use diet pills or get beauty sleep all day. You can use 20 minutes in the morning to do a fitness video or just learn some yoga poses and practice them often. 

   There are workouts you can do from home home that are under ten minutes. You can do it! I like just taking the stroller and my baby for a walk around downtown or artsy areas where I live. I like walking but am not so much of a huge gym person. I go to the gym for the baby-sitting my gym offers...

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   Going to the gym was helpful for me as a new mother. Some fitness centers offer childcare; the two hour break to just take a shower in peace at the gym was so relaxing for me. Things have changed in my life so I do more home work outs these days but I cannot wait to get back into the gym more. Fitness center trials for moms to try

   Sometimes getting a thirty dollar gym membership is way cheaper than a sitter for two hours a week. One fitness center I joined had an area to work on your laptop while your children played in supervised child care. 

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A lot more parents are hiring help since they are working remotely and still need task done such as homeschooling their children or doing house cleaning. If you are able to; hire a housekeeper once a week or when you feel overwhelmed. 

Does your city have drop-in childcare options? Places such as those were very helpful when I had last minute appointments or wanted to attend meetings without all the sippy-cups and entertaining a toddler at the same time. 

You may want to find local baby-sitters in your area to come over while you work or if you need to go have a cup of coffee alone to get some work done. I love working at coffee shops, parks and libraries to get a change of scenery. I choose places that are busier so I feel safer and bring my lap top. 

If you cannot afford a nanny or baby-sitter; perhaps see if you could only hire one once a month or once bi-weekly versus not at all. Sometimes a home day care owner may offer you a drop-in rate if you visit seldom when your work flow gets out of control. They may like the extra money!

I love doing more slow-cooker meals and salads versus spending hours in the kitchen each week. You may also want to learn how to do meal-prepping once a week for easy meals and time saving for the upcoming week. 

I love cooking but meal-prepping helps me with not stressing about what to cook each night; and I save money by not just swinging by a restaurant when I am too tired to cook. Do you ever prepare family freezer meals? Some can be done in the crockpot; find tons of recipes and ideas for freezer meals here.

If you have relatives nearby who offer to help; maybe ask if they would like to take your children to the park one day a week while you work from home in peace and quiet. 

When you are at home working; you may want to consider getting a noise-cancelling headset if you have pets or children in the background. I like working in a quiet area but if you can have noise in the background or do a non-phone job; try the clubhouse app for some motivation or chatter in the background. Maybe there is a motivational podcast or one covering the industry you are in for money-making tips.

I like to work for 25 minutes; then take a five minute break. This keeps me more focused and I learned the trick from TikTok.

Join mom groups so you have more support and advice from working and stay at home moms. I like going to mom groups so my child can get more social interaction in play dates. You may meet another mom who would want to swap baby-sitting with you to save money for you both. One week you can watch the children for a few hours; the next week the other mom can. I love this idea!

Be sure to treat yourself weekly to perhaps indulge in a great desert, meal or spa treatment. It is so important to make time for yourself and do things that make you feel great. Even if it's a quick hair cut.

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Find pet-sitters in your area

  Searching for trusted pet sitters with experience and reviews? 

Could you use a pet-sitter who is dependable when you need to travel? Are you in need of extra help with dog walking? These companies that cater to pet may be helpful for your fur babies.

Check out these 3 suggestions listed below:

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Start your own pet-sitting or dog walking business 

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