Tuesday, December 21, 2021

10 + Open house tips for new realtors

Are you a real estate professional that could use some ideas on making open houses more memorable? Perhaps you are a new realtor looking for some marketing tips when it comes to open houses. Here are some ideas to help your first open houses go more smoothly. Happy Selling!

You will want to Invest in good quality marketing materials or start with Zazzle. Some people may think your materials look more appealing and professional if you have high color brochures versus black and white fliers printed on a regular brochure for example. 


Advertise the upcoming open house on your social media pages and encourage friends to share it. Do not just post about your open house once. Start sharing the upcoming event and posting days leading up to the open house regular. A lot of people actually need to see something a few times before they pay attention when it comes to events and advertisements. I like reminding people who showed interest a day before.

Let neighbors know about the upcoming open house; it's all about networking in real estate. Invite them over to stop by and grab some refreshments; it may make them come on over when they would not have before. Once they see your open house; they may have referrals for you or do business with you one day.

Research the home for questions potential buyers may ask such as what school districts are nearby and when the home was built. Do this before the open house so you are prepared when prospective buyers attend your open house. This can help you with being more relaxed when someone is more curious about the home.

Place signs days before the open house in areas close to the home. Do not just place one sign; you want to attract as many people as you can.

Have some light refreshments available. At least have some water bottles if you are on a super tight budget. I like the idea of water bottles, mocktails and light finger foods such as cucumber sandwiches. 

Post a virtual showing for guests unable to attend on your social media pages and website.

Have guests sign in upon entering the open house. 

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Start your tour at the front entrance. Have booties available for guests shoes. 

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Open the blinds and curtains so rooms does not look gloomy upon entering. 

Before guests leave the open house; thank them  for stopping by. Ask them what they liked and did not like about the property. See what brings them by and do not forget to leave them with your marketing materials

Successful realtors know the key is in the follow-ups sometimes so be certain to follow-up with guests. They may become a buyer in the future or can refer someone to you if they do not end up doing business with you.

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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Social Media Marketing Tools + Tips


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Resources + Tools for boutique owners


Being a successful business owners means having the correct tools to help keep your business and inventory under control.

 Check out these awesome tools and resources for online and store-front boutiques. 

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Use honeybooks for invoicing, to stay more organized and find contracts easily.


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Resources for Salon, Beauty + Spa Professionals

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Crafts + D.I.Y.


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Baby Shower Gift Guide

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baby subscription box 
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What to gift co-workers


What are some thoughtful ways to show your appreciation to co-workers or colleagues? Looking for ideas to spoil the employees you enjoy working with a bit? Check out these ideas...we've got you covered.

The best gifts for book lovers

You may want to consider gifts such as concert, festival or event tickets if you know the artists or hobbies they love the most. If you manage a team; you may want to throw a seasonal or surprise gathering at the office complete with good food and drinks. I would think a wine subscription would be a great idea for gifts as well. Just be sure they actually drink alcohol and wine.
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Assuming you really like your co-workers...because these are some awesome gifts! Your favorite employees probably already have plenty of coffee mugs and tumblers so there are plenty other options! Happy Gifting!

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