Thursday, March 3, 2022

Start your own blogging business with these 3 simple steps!


This blog post contains affiliate links 

Did you know that some bloggers are earning thousands of dollars per week from the comfort of their homes? Have you ever wondered how exactly do bloggers make money? Then you are in the right place! I have been blogging for years and wanted to share my knowledge and tips. You can start your very own blog in these easy steps; it is way easier than you probably think. 

1. Choose a blog niche; which will be what you want to blog mostly about. Even if you have a fashion still may post things about travel here and there so do not get so stressed about sticking to one niche. This just helps you know your target audience. Maybe you would like to start a crafting or parenting blog? What is a topic you could go on and on about? Do you love cooking and sharing recipes? Recipes seem to always be a great blog niche and topic.

2. Next go ahead and think about a blog name. Maybe something catchy? Perhaps something that goes along with the main niche you will blog about. 

3. You will now want to get started by getting hosting and a domain name for your blog. Blogging can be a very affordable business to start. I invested very little for what I have the potential to profit and have earned thus far.

To create images for your blog and social media posts; try using Canva. It is pretty popular amongst bloggers and content creators. I like making pins for each blog post I write; then pinning them on Pinterest and my social media platforms. 

When you do start blogging; you will want to be consistent. I never spent money on courses to learn how to blog; it was a lot of learning and experimenting for myself. I wrote blog posts; then shared them with others. Then I joined affiliate programs to monetize my blog. Some affiliate programs do accept smaller blogs, and some did not accept me until I grew my traffic and they have seen I was more consistent. That is okay! Your niche also just may not be what some advertisers are looking for; regardless; you can find plenty of companies who accept micro-influencers or those just starting. 

You do have to add disclosures when you are promoting products, doing sponsored posts, and being involved in affiliate marketing ads. You can find out how to do all that easily for free before you publish your first blog post. I would then spend all your time pinning your posts to Pinterest to gain more views. Pinterest is like a visual search engine and some people's happy space for a bit. That is why I suggest positing things with fun, catchy headlines that sound motivational or helpful to them.

When it does come to promoting on social media; I like to focus on just two platforms mainly. I do have accounts on more than two platforms for my blogging business but I put my energy mainly into two as to not spread myself too thin...resulting in mastering nothing! Another lesson learn from me. Focus on the platforms that are generating the most traffic for you; your blog analytics and stats can show you that on your dashboard area upon login. 

You can always get an accountant once your business starts growing and to prepare for taxes. I also love using Honeybook for contracts with sponsors, templates, and more.

You do not have to be a "perfect" writer. You can be yourself and type as you are talking to a friend. Stay consistent and do not give up! Happy Blogging!