Friday, August 20, 2021

How some stay at home moms are earning extra income

Are you a stay at home parent on the hunt for something that can generate some extra income for your family? I know the feeling all too well. There is so much junk and scams online so I wanted to share this list of legitimate, real and flexible side jobs to check out. 

Some companies hire remote workers at times...such as StyleSeat, AllState, NfinityDropbox, Volunteer MatchThe Mom Project, MintedTinkergarten, Moms Meet, ClassPass and Hellosign.

Recently I noticed Aspire had quite a few remote jobs to apply to in categories such as marketing, engineering, finance, sales and more. 

Apply for a work from home customer support position. Use referral code 4132422 to apply at Arise.

Uber Eats allows you the opportunity to make money with food deliveries

Sure; you will not get rich doing these gigs but they are still helpful to some families that could use extra funds for their children's sports or grocery shopping. I know an extra few hundred bucks per month comes in quite handy when my little one wants to go to a museum or have a fun day out. 

Keep in mind I can guarantee you will be hired at any or all of these options but I know I have researched and enjoyed them. Not all are for everyone but one may just be the perfect fit for you or someone you know. Find more ideas HERE.

I love blogging to make extra income from home. Bloggers can make money by selling their own products, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing

Do you love pets? Maybe consider learning how to start your own pet-sitting business

Do you love photography and already have a portfolio and experience? Try applying with Flytographer.


This company allows you to choose your own schedule, families to work for and you can get paid directly from an app. They also offer rewards for the more bookings you complete. I have baby-sat on the app and loved how user-friendly it was. I find it safer than finding baby-sitting jobs other areas. The app allows you to learn more about the family and alerts you when a job is available. 

Renting space

If this is not interesting...I do not know what is. Families are actually renting their extra shed space, garage space and sheds for example. Why not? Some people need it to for RV parking, their extra cars or personal storage. This is more convenient and cheaper for some. 

Consigning Online

You can clean out your closet and consign items clothing and shoes by mail. The company then sells them for you online. I find it easier than other re-selling options. They are not as picky; meaning they take the cheaper and more affordable brands. Not just luxury or mall brands. You request or print a pre-paid shipping label; then send your box to the company to photograph and sell for you. You can then be paid via check or another option they use for payment processing that is very popular. I have used this company for years and love referring them to others. 

Renting Baby Gear

Did you know you can help families that perhaps travel and want to rent baby gear such as toys or  a bassinet? Apparently it is a thing and I tried it. If accepted to be apart of their team; the company will help you with things such as getting started with the details. They do a phone interview type thing when you show interest and can explain all the information. 

Cleaning Baby Gear

Finding companies that do not make you sell products is amazing! So many moms need some help cleaning items such as car seats. This is a unique option to making money on the side. This may be good for someone who enjoys cleaning or organizing perhaps.

Pet-Sitting or Senior Care

So many families are needing help with duties such as pet-sitting or taking care of a loved one. If care taking is something you enjoy; perhaps consider helping other families. You can set your own rates and choose which families you want to work with. 

Create a Youtube Channel

Many youtube content creators are making serious money. Like thousands each month! Many earn enough to do it solely. How cool is that? Choose something you love talking about or just vlog about your own life and stories. I suggest finding a main niche however. My favorite youtube channels are true crime and anti-mlm. I find them quite fascinating!

Re-selling home decor or fashion

Many women and men re-sell items such as coffee mugs, home decor and more. They get items from their home or garage sales for low prices; then re-sell to make a profit. I think it is wonderful to help with recycling perfectly good items some just throw away. 

Set your family pool up for rentals

Having a private pool at your home can have some perks! Some families need to borrow a pool for events, parties or just to relax. Some photographers need to use swimming pools for their photo sessions. You can make money by leasing them yours

Nook Sleep

KellyConnect Careers,Disruptive Advertising and Log me in hires those who have an interest and experience in marketing.

Transform Your Home Into a Professional Photography Studio with Rick Sammon!

Getaround is a way to earn extra cash letting others use your vehicle.


Find more ideas HERE.

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