Monday, November 15, 2021

Bottle Feeding

 I did breastfeeding and eventually went to bottle feeding. I would pump the milk...and it was a lot of work! I applaud you breastfeeding and bottle-feeding moms! 

I had no idea breastfeeding and feeding in general was so much work. I felt like breastfeeding was a full-time job; although it was rewarding and amazing. I would not change the experience for anything in the world. Some moms do struggle with breastfeeding so I have found great products online to help them out a bit.

No parent should be shamed for if she chooses bottle-feeding. When I went from breast to bottle; it was best for my baby and I. I was getting very stressed not producing enough milk for my new baby. I was a new mom, overwhelmed and doing the best I knew how. Formula ended up being what I used once breastfeeding was no longer giving me enough milk for how much my son was eating. I did feel awful for years after. Now I know as long as the baby is fed; I did all I could do and the baby is okay.

This is just my personal story in case anyone reading is struggling with feeding; just like I did. You are not alone and there are products that can help you out a bit, hopefully! Enjoy your baby; these moments go by so fast that probably seem so stressful now. You can do it, mama!  Happy feeding!