Monday, November 15, 2021

Stylish Stollers


Some must-haves I need in a stroller is enough room at the bottom to store my diaper bag; plus any bags I add. It would be annoying to shop at a mall and the compartment beneath the stroller would not be large enough to fit anything. Some would even tip over easily once you take your baby out and items are below. I prefer in investing in a stroller I can get more use out of these days.

Another feature I love in a stroller is a cup holder. Not one; but two. I need one for my cup and one for a sippy cup or bottle. I ran into this issue with strollers in the past I tried. I would go to places like zoos where you need water but the strollers we tried in the past only had one small, flimsy cup holder. Now I prefer strollers I can store items and focus on just pushing the stroller and trying to haul other items.
Luxury Bentley Trike for Kids
Strollers that grow with your child saves you money in the long run. We still were using the stroller when my son was five and we would go on long walks or trips to amusement parks. We love going to festivals in the fall so a stroller sure comes in handy. I did not think I would use it past toddler years but I sure do! 

Strollers also make for great push presents and baby shower gifts! If you get a new stroller; be sure to practice folding it when you are done using it. I had a bad experience once trying to figure one out after a long outing with my baby. Some are tricky to fold down once you need to put it in your car after using. Usually once you figure it out once; you're good to go! 
W1 Teal

If you are searching for a jogging stroller; I found an option you may like below:

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