Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Places to re-sell or trade your children + babies outgrown clothing


When it came to baby toys, gear, shoes and clothes...I had accumulated so much overtime! A lot of the clothes still had tags on them or were only worn once. It was always so much fun shopping for baby clothes and toys when I was pregnant. Usually you get a lot of gifts for the baby and they grow so fast not getting time to use or wear all the items.

Once my son outgrew shoes and clothes I would make extra money re-selling them. I did not like selling on those social media market places for safety reasons. It always ate into my profit meeting up with people. It was also a bit annoying if you got no-shows after driving to meet them.

Some items I gave to friends or donated but I wanted to try trading or re-selling them as well. There are places in my area such as Once Upon A Child stores that buy, sell and trade gently used or new children's item. I still use that store to this day; whether it is for buying or selling items.

Once Upon a Child is pretty picky with what they take so always check companies rules and policies beforehand. This will save you time, frustration and gas. My local Once Upon a Child does not take certain brands such as Wal-Mart Garanimals brand. 

Of course these companies will not take stained, damaged items or toys missing pieces. Once Upon a Child does take toys and books so that is a plus.

Other options to buying, selling and trading options are listed below. Each company operates and accepts different items. Several companies I notice only accept boutique style items or mall brands. Some are not as strict with their rules; you just have to find a company and program that works best for you. I do a mix of a few and the extra money can be helpful. 

In no way am I saying be prepared to earn thousands. I would think you could earn just a smaller amount or a decent trade value pending on the quality and number of items you get sold. Do not get frustrated if you cannot sell older brands; I have companies reject items of mine at times. Sometimes I overlook a flaw. 

When inspecting your items to re-sell; use good lighting and make sure they are free of fading, pet hairs, tears and stains. Some of the companies are only accepting seller accounts from certain areas for now; especially the newer stores. 

 Happy re-selling! 









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