Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Ideas on keeping children entertained indoors

 Are you a stay at home or home school mom? Maybe you just need ideas on keeping your children entertained or off the electronics at home more. I would love to help!

Children learn a lot by playing. I also love how creative they can get with just simple items you may have around the home.

Just to be on the safe side I always make sure my house always has sidewalk chalk, coloring books, homeschooling project, DIY kits, bubbles and bath toys. But that even gets old sometimes.

The Figgy

Consider starting a mom's group and host play dates at your own home. This can also help moms some money when they do not have to pay admission costs meeting up at zoos or play places.

Meet other moms for play dates!
When my son was a baby I did not know many friends in the state we lived at the time so I started a moms group and posted about it online. My apartment building had a club house so I would meet up with moms for play dates or coffee.

Check out these toys and ways to make staying in way more fun!


Pottery Painting Kit

I was always a big reader as a child. I would love when my grandma would read me books. Check out these personalized book options. These make for perfect gifts!

Surprise your kids with this wonderful personalized children's book from Amazingfables.com

You can turn photographs into coloring pages

ReallyColor.com - Turn Your Photos Into Coloring Pages


Consider subscribing to children's subscription boxes; even adults love getting fun packages. Some can be very educational. Plus; they are always a nice surprise for children. I used to loved getting mail as a child. It made me feel special!

Hands-on educational activities for all ages, delivered to you every month!

Cooking together teaches your children life skills and is a wonderful way to bond.

Melissa & Doug toys were recommended to me when I was pregnant by another mom. I have been purchasing them ever since and think they are educational and adorable. 

Reading to explore the imagination...

Make believe play...

Dressing up can be so much fun for small children. They can become their favorite super heroes or princesses. These make for adorable photographs for mom and dad to enjoy. I used to love dress-up clothes when I was a little girl. I would even have those plastic high-heels and a jewelry box on my bicycle. What can I say?  love fashion. :)

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